The issues surrounding women in prison, incarceration, and segregation are in the news on a daily basis. Your elected officials need to hear your opinion on what kind of a society we want to be. Increased funding for social services, a minimum livable wage, subsidized post secondary education and restorative justice in the community are all programs that can be, and should be, enacted.


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  • RAISE YOUR VOICE. Email, write or call your municipal, provincial/territorial MLA or Member of Parliament and ask your elected officials and senators to: 

    • Re-allocate funding from Corrections to economic redistribution, health, social and educational services — mental health accessible psychiatric and addiction services, subsidized pharma, dental, vocational and post-secondary education and child care, and guaranteed livable income.

    • Stop expanding and building prisons.

    • Ensure judges have discretion to divert from court and prison by sending/sentencing women to community service, therapy, detox and rehab in their own community instead of prison; and reduce sentences or parole ineligibility where prison conditions violate rights and amount to correctional interference with lawful sanctions/sentences.

    • End segregation and strip searches.

    • Expect judges and politicians to visit people in prison and work to alleviate conditions of confinement that violate human rights and charter provisions.

  • Donate your time and/or funds to a worthy local organization. Support Elizabeth Fry and other groups, to develop housing and programs as non-carceral and community integration approaches along with custom designed mentor/services for every woman — particularly Indigenous women and those with mental health issues and trauma. In every province, Elizabeth Fry Associations are operating to help women inside our prisons - they always need volunteers, donations and support. Regional CAEFS are here:
    Atlantic Provinces | Ontario | Pacific Provinces/British Columbia | Prairie Provinces | Quebec

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The Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies is a good place to start to connect with what is happening in the world of female prisoner's rights in Canada. Follow CAEFS

  • Sisters Inside - an Australian organization dedicated to the rights of women inside that country's prisons.

  • FAFIA-AFAI on facebook - Feminist Alliance for International Action

  • Senator Kim Pate leads the fight against the incarceration and segregation of women. Follow Kim here

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Read Women Canada's Fastest Growing Prison Population, and Why Should you Care, by Senator Kim Pate

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